Aloha...E komo mai. Nou ka hale.

Welcome to our hale on the beautiful island of Maui.  No matter how how often we get to return to this lush valley isle, there is nothing quite like having a place to call your home away from home.  We love our island home, and all of the wonders of this amazing tropical paradise.  So many of our friends and family are curious about our little island retreat that we thought we'd create this website to show you all where we go to get away from it all, and what we do while we're there.  If you're ever on island when we are, we'd love to meet up for a sunset or day at the beach.  Give us a call, shoot us an email, or message us on Facebook (link below).

***While we have a renter leasing the condo now, we look forward to returning in the future to stay in our island home, and hope we can meet up with you while we're there.

Click here for some Island Music:

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Making your stay memorable...

Known as the Valley Isle of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui has always enticed, embraced us, and captured our hearts - from our first visit to our hundredth.  Realizing our dream of having our Maui home to stay in every time we visit provides the finishing touch to every one of our visits, and ensures a relaxing experience.

Maui offers endless recreational opportunities for for residents and visitors alike.  Surf, snorkel, scuba, swim, kayak, paddle board and more - there are boundless ways to enjoy the warm waters of Maui.  Hike, camp, leap from a waterfall, explore a volcano - island adventures are always waiting to be had.

The rich history of the Hawaiian islands is one worth learning about.  Despite being located thousands of miles from any land mass, Hawaii has become a beautiful meltin pot of island, asian, and even Scottish cultures that is unlike you will find anywhere else on earth.  From the beautiful Hawaiian language to the graceful hula dances, the island culture is one of a kind.